RJ on the Election

make-kindHere’s a rare political blog from me,  where I will pretend that anyone cares to know my thoughts on the Presidential election. I see the anger, pain, sadness and dismay all over my Facebook wall from my friends and colleagues. Of the many perspectives, I can only offer mine, a straight college educated man slightly whiter than a bleached polar bear and with all the privilege that brings and whatever filters others may apply to my view. Many may say that I had the least to lose in this election, and who am I to disagree? Those who know me I hope would say that social issues, equality, and justice are a matter of great concern to me, that I stand as an ally for minority rights, and like you, this is why the election was so important to me, why I took the loss hard, and have great concerns about what it may mean.

So let’s get right to the reason I chose to write this, the thought foremost on my mind as I continue to process what has happened. Last night, the people have  spoken and chosen their next leader, and, I feel quite strongly that to wish and hope for that democratically chosen leader to fail, regardless of consequences to our country and our standing in the world, is a selfish and ultimately self-destructive view, and disrespectful of the very democratic process that makes this country unique and great.

Please keep hearing me out.

I imagine that, like many of you, I’ve spent the last eight years shaking my head at a fringe demographic as it wished for, and in some bizarre instances, actually prayed for Obama to fail as President. I also watched and, in certain circles, spoke out against an array of outrageous lies and fabrications flung in his direction with shocking regularity. As this nonsense continued, I told myself that if, some time in the future, my candidate for the office ever failed, I would never be one of those bitter, angry, paranoid people, but respect the process and the majority’s pick. (Since I’ve been old enough to vote, I have, for better or in at least one case for worst, always voted for the winning POTUS…that is, until last night.)

Although I did not vote for him, come January (to paraphrase Obama in 2008) he is my president, too. Trump’s acceptance speech last night was mild toward Hillary, with a tone of wanting to unify and go forward, In the first couple of minutes, he specifically reached out to those who did not vote for him, asking for their help to do the best job possible. Well, okay then.

Hillary said many times during this contentious season, “when they go low, go high.” Even more important, when they go high, don’t go low. As I look over my wall today, I am seeing a shocking number of posts from people already declaring their intent to disrespect and “go low”, and it’s two months before Trump has even taken the oath of office.

If we can agree that unreasonable resentment was wrong eight years ago, we have to see that it’s wrong now.

I get it. If you take him at his word, we will soon have a leader who seems willing to roll the clock back on American’s rights a good 40+ years. Fortunately, he also seems clueless about how to accomplish any of the things he says he wants to get done, and it’s this process of checks and balances (dubious as it is) that we need to count on in the months ahead. We have a person whose “plan” was so vague and poorly constructed that we don’t even know what to be fearful of first, because we don’t know what’s possible and what’s empty rhetoric. We have put in charge of our nation the most unqualified individual in the office in recent history, if not ever. Taking all of this into account, it’s safe to say that he is going to make a lot of mistakes, and I have genuine fears over the consequences of those mistakes.

Look–we should absolutely hold our future president accountable for his legitimate terrible decisions, just as we have past leaders. We should absolutely let our voices be heard when this administration threatens to pass injustices into law. We should absolutely fight like hell for the social progresses that have been made and push for whatever forward momentum we can achieve, and use our voices, our platforms and our cell phone cameras where needed to document exactly where this path is going, just as we do with our current leaders.

Trump has asked us to hold him accountable, and you can be sure I will be adding my voice to block any actions where he gets it wrong. But as I do so, I will not succumb to mirroring the behavior that led to the Birther conspiracies and the blatant unreasoning nonsense that caused me to dig in my heels over the past eight years whenever it came from the fringe on the other side.

And I will never, ever, hope that a President fails.

White, black, Muslim, gay straight, Christian atheist, transgender…we are also Americans, and we have a lot of control over the tone going forward. I encourage each of us to remember to go high..not JUST when they go low, but AT ALL TIMES. That’s how we will Make America Kind Again.

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RJ at Karen’s Book Barn Nov 5



Me, John F. Allen, Chris Garrison, Mysti Parker



Reece McKiernan at Inconjunction earlier this year

This Sat, Nov 5, Karen’s Book Barn in LaGrange, KY, (click the link for address, etc) is hosting a multi-author book signing, conveniently scheduled to help readers get a head start on their holiday shopping. We’ll all be there on site from 11 am-4 pm. Besides yours truly, many of my favorite author peeps will there, with our full array of titles that cover a spectrum of genres, including romance, ghost stories, superheroes, urban fantasy, steampunk, adventure, children’s, YA, science fiction, fairy tale, horror, fantasy, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. Suffice it to say, you have a great chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for and getting it signed and personalized to that special someone (even if that special someone is you…that’s okay, we won’t tell).

Meet The Authors! (click on the name to see their online book catalog)

John F. Allen brings his unique voice to his Ivoryverse books populated with superhero, urban fantasy and Spy-fi fiction tales. Among my favorite titles: The GodKillers and his Knight Ranger series.


My favorite photo of Katina French because Batgirl

Katina French writes stellar science fiction, fantasy and a unique mashup of steampunk fairy tales that I love.

Chris Garrison‘s books come in many favorite flavors, including dimension-hopping SF, Trans-Continental Steampunk pulp-style adventures, and her popular Tipsy Fairy Tales series.

Maurice McKiernan will offer his first horror short story collection Manuscripts of the Macabre in hardback and softcover editions (yes, I still need to read it, can’t you tell?)

Mysti Parker offers an array of romance titles and children’s books and another author whose writing I need to get better acquainted with.

And then there’s your humble blog host R.J. Sullivan (name listed for SEO purposes cuz I want ALL the hits!)   SF, fantasy, and ghost story titles which you can learn all about by clicking here.

All my titles are priced to meet or beat the internet. Autographs as always are FREE and worth every penny you pay! Karen’s Book Barn is just a couple hours away from Indianapolis, so come on down! What else have you got to do but stress about the election? Here’s a link to the official Multi-Author Book Signing Facebook Event Page.

Many thanks to Mysti for agreeing to let other authors “invade” her book signing.


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RJ to be at Imaginarium 2016

I’m a proud author with Seventh Star Press, and Imaginarium is, in great part, the brainchild of SSP Editor-In-Chief Stephen Zimmer. And so,  I was there for Imaginarium’s first and second year and saw the convention grow from a great idea to an expanding community where readers and writers meet, joke, party, and exchange ideas in a nurturing environment all weekend long. Imaginarium 2016, year three, looks to be the best year yet, and you can be sure I’m not missing out on this one.

rj-at-imagionariumI’ll be attached to the Seventh Star cluster of tables, with my Speculative Fiction Guild buddies John F. Allen and E. Chris Garrison. I’ll be selling my full array of titles, including my brand-new collection of science fiction novellas Commanding the Red Lotus all at a price that meets or beats all other options. Autographs are, as always, free and worth every penny you pay. Cash and credit card options (via Square) available.

When I’m not at my table or wandering around trying to catch up with the many people I only see at this con, you can find me at panels with my author peeps, colleagues, and betters.

Here’s my complete panel schedule:

Friday 3 PM Following Your Passion in the Hancock Room
With William Rayst (Moderator), Dan Hildreth, Glenn Porzig, Mary Ellen Quire, and Linda Rettstatt.

Sat 11 AM Building your Brand in the Madison Room
With Violet Patterson (M), Greta King, Lola Kyle PA, Kim Smith, and Tim McWhorter.

Sat 3 PM Comic Book Nostalgia in the Oldham Room
With William Levy (M) , Brent Abell, John F. Allen, Thom Erb,  and Ed Gosney.

Sat 7 PM Space Opera in the Hancock Room
With Arlan Andrews (M), Dave Creek, Arinn Dembo, Kylie Jude, and Kathryn Sullivan.


With author peep Katina French in 2014

Imaginarium is the weekend of Oct 7-9 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, KY (near the airport). It’s about a two hour drive from Indianapolis, perfect for a day trip or for staying the weekend. The programming requires a membership badge, but the vending room is free and open to the public. Genres include but are not limited to science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, and graphic novels.

If seeing me isn’t enough reason to go (and that’s fine, just don’t tell me to my face, we writers have tender egos), there’s a film festival, masquerade ball, panels, and workshops for readers and writers of all levels and interests.

So click here to see the convention website, check out the details, and consider paying us a visit. I hope to see many of you there!

Past years’ photo albums
Imaginarium 2014
Imaginarium 2015

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Get your spooky on

interior-2‘Tis the season for ghosts and goblins and all things scary, and if you’re a reader, you’re looking for a seasonal read to get your spooky on!

I’d like to humbly suggest my paranormal series.

My first novel, Haunting Blue, is a dark homage to the Hardy Boys style of mystery, with Frank and Joe replaced by punk girl Blue and her small town computer nerd boyfriend Chip. Together they try to solve the mystery of a robbery gone awry and discover once and for all what happened to the infamous criminal Gunther Stalt and find his bag of bank money. Chip and Blue find the treasure…and the vengeful ghost still guarding it after all these years.

Haunting Obsession is my bestselling sexy ghost story about Maxine Marie, a dead Hollywood starlet, and Daryl, the fixated fan who accidentally conjures her. But just because he brought her back doesn’t mean he can control her. Before too long, Maxine’s powers grow to alarming levels as she feeds on the energy of her fans, including Daryl. It’s up to Daryl’s girlfriend Loretta–who’s feeling a bit put out by these events–to find help in the form of the mysterious paranormal investigator Rebecca Burton.


Virtual Blue, the exciting sequel to Haunting Blue, finds our heroes fighting demons and their servants in a video game reality where death is temporary but the pain is all-too-real. Even with the help of Rebecca Burton, it’s going to take all of Blue’s wits and strength to survive this.

And don’t forget my short story collection of fantasy, sci-fi and horror, Darkness with a Chance of Whimsy, featuring a “bag full” of thrills and chills.

You can order all titles in ebook or paperback from major internet outlets–click the link on each title in this article to go to each dedicated order page.

If you want something extra special for Halloween, you can order titles directly from me for about the same price, signed and personalized with a Halloween message and mailed to your door. Payppal and credit card orders accepted. Here’s how you do that.

Thanks in advance for choosing my paranormal tales as part of your Halloween reading escape!

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Wish I Could Be Part of Your World

The larger world shared by E. Chris Garrison and R.J. Sullivan (they even co-wrote this blog post)

E. Chris Garrison and R.J. Sullivan: two great tastes that taste great…


Let’s start over.


E. Chris Garrison takes a selfie and RJ crashes it.

Chris and R.J. met at an author’s retreat in 2011. At the time, Chris had released her first editions of the Road Ghosts Trilogy and Blue Spirit, and RJ had released the first edition of Haunting Blue. Through discussion and the group readings that happen during author retreats, they found that they tend to think in similar ways on such topics as character archetypes and styles, which made them fast friends.

Chris’ skills as a brewmaster may have also had something to do with this.


Blue and Skye holding RARE FIRST EDITION COLLECTOR’S ITEMS!! (Not really)

Their first venture into “crossing their universes” was a character to character fictional interview blog that proved a lot of fun. Eventually, they decided that using each other’s characters and settings in a shared universe made sense dramatically in certain instances. Over time, they found that telling tales that affected a larger world  also made for a fun marketing ploy to coax sales. They drafted a simple agreement between themselves to work it out, and they have been trading characters and building upon a shared universe ever since.

Having set the stage, let’s look at how Restless Spirit, Chris’ latest release and the reason you’re here,  is part of that world.

sinkingdown_web-smallerSinking Down by Eric Garrison

This second book in Garrison’s Road Ghosts Trilogy (written under a previous byline) marks the debut of Skye MacLeod, a cheerfully drunken gamer girl involved in a vampire live-action roleplaying game. The main cast encounters her as they attempt to save a poor little lost tween ghoul from a greedy opportunist who’s in league with a demon. Skye literally stumbles into trouble as she is possessed by the demon and forced to do its bidding. While this possession is temporary, Skye’s life and destiny are changed forever.

When the Trilogy ended, Garrison wanted to do something different. Skye was the first character she thought of to star in a spin-off series.

Haunting Blue by R.J. SullivanHaunting Blue

Set in 2010, the first novel by R.J. introduces flamboyant punk girl “Blue” Shaefer, her computer savvy boyfriend “Chip” Farren, and Chip’s best friend Phil Jenson. Against the backdrop of a creepy Indiana small town with a legendary secret, Blue and Chip meet, fall in love, and try to solve that legendary secret. Their efforts end up releasing a ghost and dark hi-jinx ensue.

bluespirit_cover1200x800Blue Spirit by E. Chris Garrison

The aforementioned spin-off of Garrison’s Road Ghosts Trilogy, this first book in the Tipsy Fairy Tales features Skye telling the story from her own point of view. She tells us a tale of her misadventures as a transplanted gamer girl whose life is permeated with the supernatural fairy world only she can see. Having grown up in Chicago, Skye never needed to learn to drive, so she takes the IndyGo buses or bums rides to get everywhere she needs to go. On one such bus, on an especially bad day, Skye meets a short, scruffy, gnome-like person who calls himself the Transit King. Skye sees past his sketchy appearance and recognizes him as a fairy lord. He proceeds to offer his assistance (in return for a promised favor) that further tangles Skye in high stakes supernatural politics.

In many ways, this first encounter not only drives the rest of the Tipsy Fairy Tales and provides Skye with a mentor, but introduces the Transit King as an unlikely favorite character from this book among readers and author peers. Chris was surprised and honored when later asked by R.J. if he could “borrow” the mysterious character for his own books.

376743_10151060948417591_639062236_nHaunting Obsession by R.J. Sullivan

In this sexy ghost story, frustrated geek girl Loretta Stevens boards a bus while fuming over how rudely she’s been treated by her boyfriend. She and Daryl had come to the local mall to shop for a birthday present and possible engagement ring for her, only to watch as Daryl instead buys a piece of overpriced Hollywood memorabilia connected to the long-dead gorgeous 50’s icon Maxine Marie. Disgusted, Loretta leaves him standing in the store, and she must now rely on public transportation to get back to her car.

On the bus, as she reflects on their relationship, a strange, creepy fellow with a thick accent advises her to wait for Daryl at his apartment. “Normally, I just…get travelers to their destinations…I’m just the Transit King, after all. …Follow yer instincts, not yer pride.” Yes, this is the same Transit King who plays such an important role in Garrison’s Tipsy Fairy Tales, making his “debut” in the R.J. verse.

Loretta ignores this good advice, to her regret. She learns that her boyfriend has been ensnared by the ghost of Maxine Marie herself. Maxine, now a sort of super-specter, is strengthened by the energy generated by her millions of fans, especially Daryl. The ghost is feeding off him, and he’s fading fast. Desperate, Loretta seeks aid from Rebecca Burton, an investigator of paranormal phenomenon who wields mysterious powers. Loretta learns that Rebecca’s role as a government agent is a cover that allows her to move about freely as she prepares to play a major role in an upcoming battle with the forces of evil.

Virtual Blue by R.J. SullivanVirtual Blue Final low rez

The year is 2013, and Chip Farren and Phil Jenson are now students at I.U., roommates living off campus and ambitious game programmers. They’ve released a beta of Fantasy Free-Form, their multi-player heroic fantasy computer game. Blue travels to Bloomington over Thanksgiving weekend to sort out her complicated feelings with Chip about their relationship.

The three of them are unaware that the game has been targeted by a cult of demon worshipers who think they can use the game’s virtual environment as a focal-point to summon a demon, creating a portal from their dimensional prison in hell to the video realm and then from there into the real world. Fortunately, Rebecca Burton is already aware of the situation, and she’s employed a talented young woman to assist her–Skye McLeod. Before the night is over, Blue will nearly lose her life and her sanity, and Skye will have to find the inner strength to confront Rebecca and force her to do the right thing. Phil and Skye will also begin an unusual friendship that continues in…

restless_spirit_coverjpg1200x800Restless Spirit by E. Chris Garrison

In the following summer of 2014, Skye finds herself still underemployed and dependent on her girlfriend, Annabelle. Phil Jenson has taken the step of promoting Fantasy Free-Form at Big Con, an enormous gamer convention in Indianapolis, and has hired Skye on to use her charm to draw con-goers to try out the game. She’s delighted at her apparent good luck when Rebecca Burton calls her. Rebecca has heard rumors of supernatural activity at the convention, and she wants to hire Skye to watch out and report on anything suspicious. Trouble soon finds her, in the form of one of her gamer friends somehow amassing a zombie army, some meddling trolls, and an ancient horror lurking underneath the center of Indianapolis. She goes to visit her old mentor, The Transit King, who has become far more powerful after the events of Blue Spirit, and he gives her some cryptic direction and magical aid–with his usual price tag. Unfortunately, Skye gets pulled into the supernatural events more than any of her employers care for, and when one problem crashes into another, she feels forced to set them against each other, unleashing a type of hell into downtown Indianapolis in the process. She loses the support of Rebecca and the Transit King, and puts other relationships at risk, but Phil sticks with her to the very end, helping her make slightly more sober choices to undo what she’s done.

The story doesn’t end there. Garrison reports that Phil, Blue, and Rebecca return for the climactic third book in the Tipsy Fairy Tales series, Mean Spirit!  So stay tuned for future Garrison/Sullivan character crossover fun!

chrissygarrisonAbout the author: E. Chris Garrison writes fantasy and science fiction novels and short stories. She used to publish as Eric Garrison, but has since upgraded.

Her latest series is Trans-Continental, a steampunk adventure with a transgender woman as its protagonist. Chris’s supernatural fantasy stories include the Road Ghosts trilogy and the Tipsy Fairy Tales published by Seventh Star Press. These novels are humorous supernatural fantasies, dealing with ghosts, demonic possession, and sinister fairy folk.

Her novel, Reality Check, is a science fiction adventure released by Hydra Publications. Reality Check reached #1 in Science Fiction on Amazon.com during a promotion in July 2013.

Chris lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with her wife, step-daughter and cats. She also enjoys gaming, home brewing beer, and finding innovative uses for duct tape.



Author Links:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EChrisGarrison
Twitter:  @ECGarrison
Website:  https://sillyhatbooks.com/

And because my computer is being stupid and refuses to copy and paste the links, click here to see the full Tipsy Fairy Tales 2016 blog tour schedule.

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Virtual Blue Virtual Book Tour 2013 (Reconstructed)

RJ VB bannerBlog Posts for Virtual Blue Blog Tour 2013

Mon Oct 28 Jess Resides Here Contest
Mon Oct 28 Jorie Loves a Story Review
Mon Oct 28 Come Selahway With Me Guest Post Series Reading Order
Tues Oct 29 Sheila Deeth Blog Character Interview w/ Blue
Wed Oct 30 Armand Rosamilia Guest Post: The Future of Blue
Wed Oct 30 A Haunted Head 20 Questions with RJ
Wed Oct 30 Deal Sharing Aunt Review 5/5
Thurs Oct 31 John F. Allen Ivory Blaque Interview of RJ!
Thurs Oct 31 Spellbindings Character Post with Rebecca Burton
Thurs Oct 31 Library Girl Reads and Reviews Character Interview with Rebecca Burton
Fri Nov 1 Bee’s Knees Reviews Review 5/5
Sat Nov 2 Azure Dwarf Review

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Haunting Obsession Virtual Tour 2012 (reconstructed)


Before I was smart enough to create blog posts that preserved the individual links of my blog tours, I…well…wasn’t. As a result, I am now searching the internet for two “lost” blog tours and reconstructing them as best I can, so all that material is easy to reference for my readers and for me. The following list is a partial reconstruction of the Haunting Obsession blog tour from 2o12. Some of it, apparently, is lost forever, for various reasons.

Starting today, the Haunting Obsession order page includes a link to this blog post, so (most of) this “lost” tour is now found. Next, I will be tracking down the Virtual Blue posts. After that, I was smart enough to create blog posts that preserved the individual links of my blog tours.

Haunting Obsession Virtual Book Tour 2012 (reconstructed)

Tues Aug 28 Beauty in Ruins Bonus Scene “Maxine in Ruins”
Wed Aug 29 A Book Vacation Interview with Bonnie Wasson (audio)
Sun Sept 2 Azure Dwarf Video Interview
Mon Sept 3 Bootheel Cotton Path Review (4/5 stars)
Wed Sept 5 I Read a Book Once Interview
Wed Sept 5 Bees Knees Reviews (4.5/5)
Fri Sept 7 Spellbound by Books Guest Blog Fan Support in the Social Media Age
Sat Sept 8 Jess Resides Here Video with Mermaid Mug
Sat Sept 8 Purple Jelly Bean Chair Review
Mon Sept 10 Eva’s Sanctuary Review 5/5
Wed Sept 12 (Blog Post Gone) R.J. Interviews Lily Monstermeat (direct video link)
Wed Sept 12 Book and Movie Dimension Blog Review (5/5 stars)
Fri Sept 14 Cabin Goddess RJ’s Obsession–the Cyndi Lauper Story
Sun Sept 16 I Smell Sheep 5 Ways to Repel a Ghost
Wed Sept 19 I Read a Book Once Review
Mon Nov 26 Jess Resides Here Review

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