Audiobook Trilogy to Go Forward

The details have been worked out and we are a go!

Last spring, my first-ever audiobook happened. It was a perfect-storm project where the ideal narrator submitted a random audition for a novella she deep-down wanted to land much more than she cared to admit at the time, whose reading blew away the anxious author who fretted that his vision be dramatized by a kindred spirit who “got it” (and knew that boy-howdy did she!). And they were backed by a supportive publisher making their first ventures into audiobook and who knew they had something special.

Steady sales and excellent reviews of Haunting Obsession the Audiobook followed, (also, these promo videos, did you see these awesome videos?) so we’ve decided to finish the trilogy together!

…we’ve decided to finish the trilogy together!

Awesome audiobook Narrator Danielle Muething returns to complete RJ’s paranormal thriller trilogy.

In co-production with Seventh Star Press and DarkWhimsy Books, Danielle Muething will return to the sound booth to channel her magical narration powers to RJ Sullivan’s Haunting Blue. I can’t wait to hear how Danielle interprets angsty teen protagonist Blue Shaefer, her nerdy boyfriend Chip, the creepy neighbor Sylvia, the evil ghost Gunther, and the rest of the eclectic cast from the town of Perionne, Indiana. Our tentative plan is to have Haunting Blue finished and available to purchase through the Audible outlets before summer 2020.

Technically Haunting Blue is my first novel, but Haunting Obsession introduces Rebecca Burton and and Haunting Blue introduces Blue Shaefer, so the first two books are independent standalone novels with no connection to each other until the third book. So to those audiobook readers who have already enjoyed Haunting Obsession, the flipped order will have no effect on the overall experience.

But what about Virtual Blue, the definitely-third book in my paranormal thriller trilogy where Blue and Rebecca meet up and team up?

Weeellll…. we’re doing the third one, too!

Danielle Muething is confirmed on board to finish out the trilogy, with Virtual Blue coming to audiobook tentatively slotted for the fall of 2020! (I’m not confirming that negotiations involved rope, duct tape, chocolate truffles, and some desperate begging and pleading… but I’m not denying it, either. 🙂 )

What happens after that? I’m not sure either, but maybe I’ll get this still-untitled fourth novel finished and we’ll have another discussion. That’s the goal and hope; we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m super-excited to team with Danielle and Seventh Star in 2020 to bring you the next two novels in the trilogy!

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