RJ Cleared to View Three More of The OSI Files

The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman were among my favorite shows as a kid. Certainly, they were the most successful SF /Superhero shows in an era when SF and superheroes had very little success on TV (I still remember so many favorite shows disappearing after a season, one after the other, but I digress). So I was excited in December of 2018 to appear on the Facebook Live / Podcast program The OSI Files with co-hosts John S. Drew and Jerry Lange.  Not only could I let my Bionic nerd flag fly, but also discuss my first ever TV star crush Farrah Fawcett (because I was a boy and it was 1976, and it was kind of the law).

I had a heck of a lot of fun.  You can read all about my appearance and view it in full here.

The OSI Files have continued to air new episodes roughly in order of the original run. So now we’re coming back to the next Farrah appearance, so I’ve been invited back to discuss The Golden Pharaoh on…*screech*

Okay, hold that thought.

Turns out I’ve been asked to return sooner to share my thoughts on the two-part premiere of The Bionic Woman, “Welcome Home, Jaime”. During the discussion, I’ll also share my thoughts on the four episodes that preceded it (“The Bionic Woman” parts 1 and 2, and “The Return of the Bionic Woman”, parts 1 and 2, respectively). These six hours of television, taken together, affected my eight year old self  pretty dramatically, introducing me to the ideas of dramatic tragedy, bittersweet resolutions, and other concepts not typically played out on a kids’ show. So I have a lot to say about that.

Then I’ll return to The OSI Files in February to discuss my thoughts on Farrah’s third appearance on The Six Million Dollar Man.

Each episode of The OSI Files will broadcast on Facebook Live starting at the times designated below. If you want to listen in and coment live, first, click here to Like The OSI Files Facebook Live Page. Then be on Facebook shortly before the time and dates listed. Being on The OSI Files page is probably the best way to make sure you see the live broadcast link.

So those appearances, in order:

Wednesday, Jan 15, 8 PM EST: The OSI Files with co-hosts John S. Drew and Elizabeth Goddard discuss The Bionic Woman S1 Ep 1 “Welcome Home, Jaime, Part 1”

Wednesday, Jan 22, 8 PM EST: The OSI Files with co-hosts John S. Drew and Elizabeth Goddard discuss The Bionic Woman S1 Ep 2 “Welcome Home, Jaime, Part 2”

Finally, Sunday, Feb 16, The OSI Files with co-hosts John S Drew and Jerry Lange discuss The Six Million Dollar Man S3 Ep18  “The Golden Pharaoh”

All with guest R.J. Sullivan

After that… well, all I can say is, at this time, nothing more is scheduled. Yet.

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