NEW Haunting Obsession Halloween Party and Paperdolls

72446937_2775092502500995_5306280563466829824_nOr, What’s in the Box?

First of all, to celebrate the audiobook release of Haunting Obsession, we’re throwing a big party on Facebook all day on Monday, October 21. I’ve been teasing “What’s in the Box?” on my facebook feed all week, which leads to this post. During the party (going on today if you are seeing this the day it goes live) we’ll also reveal some amazing new videos, promotions, share some favorite classic Maxine Marie blogs, and so much more. And a lot of people are going to leave with a FREE DOWNLOAD CODE to listen to the incredible Haunting Obsession audiobook read by Danielle Muething! To join the party room event page, click this link!

Secondly, Monday will mark the first day a brand new Haunting Obsession product will be available, strictly through me, at my table during appearances OR when you order books from me through this link. Which brings me back to the box. So…

72482299_2775092605834318_6057246906453590016_nIntroducing the Haunting Obsession Elegant Paper Dolls featuring the sexy ghost Hollywood icon Maxine Marie and the novdlla’s co-protagonist Loretta Stevens, withthree pages of awesome outfits. The book is eye-popping full color with a cardstock front and back cover and glossy color page insides. All layouts and designs are created by my amazing CGI artist Nell Willams. So that’s:

  • Both paperdolls on the cardstock back cover
  • A cardstock front cover displaying most outfits, which can be signed, separated and framed if you use the book for its intended purpose (essentially, destroying it in the process).
  • Two pages of Maxine Marie outfits
  • One page of Loretta Stevens outfits

72920146_2775092665834312_1242112865649819648_n.jpgAll in a beautiful glossy book with pages printed one-sided so outfits can be cut out. Whether you want to sharpen your scissors and paper cutter skills to Expert, relive your childhood (no judgment here!) or just own a really neat book that enhances the Haunting Obsession experience, the Haunting Obsession Elegant Paperdolls book is pretty neat.

If you order a book from me, the Paper Doll book is +$3 when you order the Haunting Obsession paperback at $12 (that’s a total of $15 plus shipping) OR any other book from my catalog,

OR $5 by itself. You can order books directly from me at this link.

Here’s a better look at the contents!






To order your own Haunting Obsession Elegant Paperdolls, directly from me, click here. Paperdolls are $5 individually or $15 bundled with Haunting Obsession.  Please specify if you want me to sign the paperdoll book.


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