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The Complete Adventures of Blue Shaefer
The Entire Blue Shaefer Story Arc in a Single Volume

Coming soon to your favorite online outlet, the R.J. Home Store, and autumn 2021 personal appearances.

Links are already going live on its dedicated order page. UPDATE: AS I WAS WRITING THIS, THE AMAZON PAPERBACK EDITION WENT LIVE.  Click here to see all the order links.

Check out that amazing front cover, a collaborative team image, with my thanks to:

Cover Photo: Paul-Louis Webster Photography and Greg Hernandez.
Cover Model: Jessica Lynn Cannaday.
Cover design: Bryan Donihue and Section 28 Publishing

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Collected for the first time between these covers, readers can now experience Fiona “Blue” Shaefer’s journey from troubled teen to hopeful young adult and take in the full scope of R.J. Sullivan’s paranormal thrillers. This omnibus includes both novels in her series and a holiday short story that caps off this phase of her young life. The Complete Adventures of Blue Shaefer includes:

Haunting Blue
Punk, blue-haired teenager “Blue” Shaefer helps “Chip” Farren, classmate and computer nerd, recover the money from an infamous bank heist from their town’s distant past. Their actions unwittingly awaken a vengeful ghost intent on doing anything—including murder–to stop them from exposing its secrets.

Virtual Blue
The Sisters of Baalina, cultists who practice a new form of “techno-magic,” have targeted Chip’s multi-player videogame as the perfect environment to cast a dangerous spell that will free a demoness from the very pits of hell. In the process, their plan may trap Blue and Chip in a prison of the mind with no locks, no bars, and no escape.

Blue Christmas: A Holiday Short Story
Blue and Chip are enjoying a quiet Christmas Evening together when the mysterious occult detective Rebecca Burton knocks on their door… with a peace offering. Blue decides to hear her out–and hopes she won’t regret it.

“Doesn’t so much smear distinctions between genre boundaries as it does power wash them into oblivion.” –Bram Stoker Award-winner Gary A. Braunbeck

This new 2021 DarkWhimsy Books Revised Edition  collects the full text of the 2020 revised editions of the Blue Shaefer novels and short story. This edition reprints the original covers for Haunting Blue and Virtual Blue in black and white at the start of each novel, plus the interior illustrations by Bonnie Wasson. A black and white reprint of Blue Christmas cover by Nell Williams precedes its story.

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