Virtual Blue Virtual Book Tour 2013 (Reconstructed)

RJ VB bannerBlog Posts for Virtual Blue Blog Tour 2013

Mon Oct 28 Jess Resides Here Contest
Mon Oct 28 Jorie Loves a Story Review
Mon Oct 28 Come Selahway With Me Guest Post Series Reading Order
Tues Oct 29 Sheila Deeth Blog Character Interview w/ Blue
Wed Oct 30 Armand Rosamilia Guest Post: The Future of Blue
Wed Oct 30 A Haunted Head 20 Questions with RJ
Wed Oct 30 Deal Sharing Aunt Review 5/5
Thurs Oct 31 John F. Allen Ivory Blaque Interview of RJ!
Thurs Oct 31 Spellbindings Character Post with Rebecca Burton
Thurs Oct 31 Library Girl Reads and Reviews Character Interview with Rebecca Burton
Fri Nov 1 Bee’s Knees Reviews Review 5/5
Sat Nov 2 Azure Dwarf Review

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Haunting Obsession Virtual Tour 2012 (reconstructed)


Before I was smart enough to create blog posts that preserved the individual links of my blog tours, I…well…wasn’t. As a result, I am now searching the internet for two “lost” blog tours and reconstructing them as best I can, so all that material is easy to reference for my readers and for me. The following list is a partial reconstruction of the Haunting Obsession blog tour from 2o12. Some of it, apparently, is lost forever, for various reasons.

Starting today, the Haunting Obsession order page includes a link to this blog post, so (most of) this “lost” tour is now found. Next, I will be tracking down the Virtual Blue posts. After that, I was smart enough to create blog posts that preserved the individual links of my blog tours.

Haunting Obsession Virtual Book Tour 2012 (reconstructed)

Tues Aug 28 Beauty in Ruins Bonus Scene “Maxine in Ruins”
Wed Aug 29 A Book Vacation Interview with Bonnie Wasson (audio)
Sun Sept 2 Azure Dwarf Video Interview
Mon Sept 3 Bootheel Cotton Path Review (4/5 stars)
Wed Sept 5 I Read a Book Once Interview
Wed Sept 5 Bees Knees Reviews (4.5/5)
Fri Sept 7 Spellbound by Books Guest Blog Fan Support in the Social Media Age
Sat Sept 8 Jess Resides Here Video with Mermaid Mug
Sat Sept 8 Purple Jelly Bean Chair Review
Mon Sept 10 Eva’s Sanctuary Review 5/5
Wed Sept 12 (Blog Post Gone) R.J. Interviews Lily Monstermeat (direct video link)
Wed Sept 12 Book and Movie Dimension Blog Review (5/5 stars)
Fri Sept 14 Cabin Goddess RJ’s Obsession–the Cyndi Lauper Story
Sun Sept 16 I Smell Sheep 5 Ways to Repel a Ghost
Wed Sept 19 I Read a Book Once Review
Mon Nov 26 Jess Resides Here Review

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Maxine Marie to “Haunt” Hannah House this Saturday

SFG Booksellers hannah houseThis Saturday marks my fifth consecutive appearance at the Paranormal Meet and Greet at the Historical Hannah House on the south side of Indianapolis.



My first appearance was as a new author in 2011 with my then-brand new first novel Haunting Blue.

2012 Paranormal Meet n Greet with "Maxine Marie."

2012 Paranormal Meet n Greet with “Maxine Marie.”

My second appearance was for the book launch of Haunting Obsession, where reader / fan Nikki Howard enthusiastically cosplayed my sexy ghost Maxine Marie on a cosmic lineup of events–the book came out the year of the 50th anniversary of the real Marilyn Monroe’s death, and the event took place 50 years and within a day or two of her death. (And if I told you I had no idea that things would align the way they did when I started planning it, I wouldn’t believe me, either.) It was a lot of fun and we sold a lot of books that day.

Since then, I’ve been a part of the Paranormal Meet and Greet every year it’s taken place (they took a year off in 2014). It’s a fun day, pretty easygoing, at a truly unique and lovely landmark, and the people there are kind and enthusiastic about real-life paranormal investigations. I hear some incredible stories every year.

This year, I’m sharing a booth with other SFG Booksellers, where we’ll have plenty of horror and ghost story books to choose from. And Maxine Marie is going to “haunt” the grounds of the Historical Hannah House. This time she’ll be “channeled” by local model and reader Madison Kae Scroggin, who’ll be mingling with the crowd and posing for pictures while she puts the “boo” in boo-boop-be-doo. (Yeah…I don’t know what that means, either, but you don’t want to miss it).

Model Madison Kae Scroggin is 'scaring up" Maxine Marie at the 2016 Meet and Greet

Model Madison Kae Scroggin is ‘scaring up” Maxine Marie at the 2016 Meet and Greet

You’ll find plenty of copies of my paranormal trilogy and my short story collection. (I’m temporarily out of stock of Commanding the Red Lotus)

376743_10151060948417591_639062236_nHaunting Blue             $15
Haunting Obsession  $12
Virtual Blue                 $15
Darkness with a Chance of Whimsy (short stories) $12

Cash and Credit Card payments accepted. Autographs as always are completely FREE and worth every penny you pay.

The 10th Annual Paranormal Meet and Greet is a FREE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC EVENT Sat, Aug. 13 with extended hours from previous years: 11 am-6 pm in the lawn of the Historic Hannah House at 3801 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227. Click this link to go to the Facebook Event Page. I hope to see some of you there!

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InconJunction 2016 Post-event

13615272_1220284734648454_7121294653223187848_nSo ends my fifth InConJunction in the last six years. So what are my thoughts?

Looking back, I sold plenty of books this year, though I may have sold more in past years. I photographed plenty of costumes, though I may have photographed more in past years. I talked to many authors, but I may have talked to more in past years. All that said, this was the easily the most relaxed, best “all around” con I’ve ever been a part of. InConJunction has been sliding into place as the most easygoing “hangout” con weekend on my calendar, and this time it solidified itself as such.

I’ve done a number of these weekends by now and I’ve gotten pretty good at them. If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that something is gonna go wrong. Every time. Sometimes it’s a goof on the part of the organization that throws the event, sometimes it’s confusion among the peers I partner with, sometimes it’s traffic, sometimes it’s just fraying nerves from a long weekend (“What?” you say. “Writers can be moody and emotional? I’m shocked, SHOCKED!”). The point is, there’s always something.

But not this time.


Back: John F Allen, Bishop Stephens, Me. Front: E. Chris Garrison, Maurice McKiernan

Everything went off exactly as planned and better than I had any reason to hope. We all showed up where we needed to be, when we needed to be there. We had each other’s backs. I can’t recall a cross word between us all weekend. And look, some straight talk–when we spend most of 72 hours together, it’s NORMAL to exchange a cross word or two. It just happens.

But not this time.

My very highest praise to everyone on the Inconjunction staff (with special shout-outs to Mike and Lynette Cowper for being the keepers of the vendor registrations, setting up a vendor soda cooler, and checking in with us frequently to make sure all was well–and it was!) Again, just some straight talk without laying any blame–there’s always something amiss at every con. It may be a layout that goes awry. A disorganized con suite. Badges get misplaced. A cross word can cause misunderstandings. Most cons are run by volunteers and as such, it’s perfectly normal that Things Go Wrong, even if, in the end, they’re hardly worth mentioning later.

But not this time.


With Agent Carter and The Doctor

This time, this con, consisted of extra helpings of Awesome with none of the hassles. I hung out with my SFG buds John F. Allen, Matthew Barron, and E. Chris Garrison, and we broke in newcomer Maurice McKiernan on the times and trials of vending books (Reece–it doesn’t always go this easy!) I had a great time catching up with James O. Barnes, John Kennedy, Tammy Jo Eckhart, James Wylder, and others, and meeting awesome new people like Demetrius Witherspoon, Bishop Stephens, and Kim Jenkins, all associated with the SF “Indy indie film” Submerge, and author Laura Hawks.

So this time?

This time I’m home after an incredible weekend, and I’m already looking forward to next year. Nice job to everyone involved. Click here to see my Facebook photo album of the entire weekend.

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Inconjunction 2016 This Weekend

This year marks my fifth  consecutive year at one of my favorite science fiction conventions, InConJunction, on the east side of Indianapolis, and I’m super-excited! For one thing, this will be the first time I’m bringing a science fiction book to a science fiction convention!!

Cover Commanding Red LotusYes, that’s right, I’ve been doing just fine all these years selling ghost story and scary stories to a crowd that’s much more in tune with spaceships and laser guns, so now for the first time I’m bringing those, too. I’ll have plenty of copies of Commanding the Red Lotus on hand along with my back titles of ghost stories and my short story collection. I’ll be there with my Speculative Fiction Guild buddies as well, mingling, talking SF, dancing badly, and taking pictures of great costumes. Joining me in our space will be John F. Allen, Matthew Barron, E. Chris Garrison, and convention newcomer Maurice McKeirnan.

My titles and price list follows:

Haunting Blue $15
Haunting Obsession $12
Virtual Blue $15
Darkness with a Chance of Whimsy (Short stories) $12
Commanding the Red Lotus $12

Plus special pricing on multi-title purchases.

Autographs, as always, are FREE and worth every penny you pay.

Come on out to the Marriott on the east side of Indianapolis, 21st and Shaedeland Avenue. While you need a badge to attend much of the programming, the vending room is open to the public.  Hope to see some of you there. Click here to go to the official InConJunction Website!

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Red Lotus Blog Tour Next Week

Tour badge
I’m please to announce that Seventh Star Press has organized a blog tour to run all next week, June 27-July 3, in support of Commanding the Red Lotus. I am busy working on new anecdotes and inside stories to share with my readers in support of the book.

Those who have been around awhile know how this works.  Below is the full listing of blog stops and dates. As each one goes live, I will turn each listing into a live link, creating a list so you can come back here and review the entries for posterity.

The blogs and dates are scheduled as follows:

Mon June 27 Sheila’s Guests and Reviews Guest Post: Anatomy of a Dedication
Tues June 28 Deal Sharing Aunt interview
Wed June 29 Cover2Cover Guest Post: Haunting the Red Lotus
Wed June 29 I Smell Sheep Guest Post: Sayuri Arai and the Little Mermaid
Thurs June 30 Jordan Hirsch Review
Fri July 1 Jorie Loves A Story Guest Post
Sat July 2 MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape Interview
Sun July 3 Swillblog Review
Sun July 3 Jorie Loves A Story Review

Thanks to all the bloggers, old and new, for participating in this event. Here is Seventh Star Press’s announcement to the same tour.

Also note that Seventh Star is holding a Giveaway on Goodreads in which they are … uh… giving away two free copies of Commanding the Red Lotus. The giveaway is going on now and runs through June 30. Click here to enter the giveaway.

And if that doesn’t sound like a busy enough week, I’ll be at Inconjunction SF and Fantasy Convention in Indianapolis with several other local authors the weekend of July 1-3. Watch for a separate blog detailing the upcoming fun.

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First Red Lotus Story Now FREE


Cover by John F. Allen

It took a little time to make it happen, but now with the release of Commanding the Red Lotus, my first novel-length spaceship adventure collection, Seventh Star Press and I decided to make e-book Novelette 1 PERMA-FREE. Special thanks to SSP EIC and friend Stephen Zimmer for helping to make this happen.

So now you can download “Fate of the Red Lotus,” the origin tale of the series and the first 45 pages of Commanding the Red Lotus, into most e-readers. Basically, you can now read the first entire story for nothin’. (Nook is still 99 cents because of a Nook thing we have no control of).

We’ve reformatted the book with an amazing upgraded cover by John F. Allen (seen here) and an easy to click-through ad at the end to download Commanding the Red Lotus to finish the collection for only $2.99!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to go to the “Fate of the Red Lotus” order page.
Or, if you want to skip it and get straight to reading the whole collection, click here to go to the Commanding the Red Lotus order page.

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