Haunting Blue Audible Preview

As announced earlier, I’m excited to expand beyond the amazing first splash that is Danielle Muething narrating Haunting Obsession. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Click Here).

Now Seventh Star Press and my imprint DarkWhimsy Books have partnered to secure Danielle’s narration talents to bring the rest of the trilogy to audio! Danielle is already in the sound booth laying down tracks and voices for Haunting Blue, my first novel and the start of the paranormal adventures of punk girl Blue Shaefer and her boyfriend Chip Farren. Haunting Blue will likely be out on Audible and other popular audiobook options well before summer!

Awesome Audiobook Narrator Danielle Muething

After that, Danielle will move on to the trilogy capper, Virtual Blue, which details the first time Blue, Chip, and the mysterious paranormal investigator Rebecca Burton combine their forces in an effort to thwart an unusual “jailbreak” by a captured demon and her cult of devoted followers.

The entire trilogy should be available in audiobook before the end of the year.

For those paying attention, yes, Haunting Obsession was written after Haunting Blue. Yes, Haunting Obsession was released to audiobook first. But, no, if you’ve already enjoyed Haunting Obsession, this in no way diminishes or “spoils” anything in Haunting Blue.

The entire trilogy should be available in audiobook before the end of the year.

Put simply, the first two books have nothing to do with each other. It’s in book three that everything (or to be specific, everyone) comes together.

“But R.J.”, you say, “how do I know that Danielle is really working on Haunting Blue? Isn’t that what you’d say even if you two were just goofing off on Words with Friends?” “That’s a fair point,” I reply. “So check out this short YouTube audiobook preview clip (with visual aids not a part of the Audible experience) to whet your appetite and get you all as excited as I am to hear the complete Haunting Blue audiobook. If you love it, let us know, and share it with others. Watch this space for the latest updates!

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