R.J. Home Store Relaunched

It’s like I have a virtual vending table that you can browse any time you want.

Just in time for the holidays, RJ Sullivan Fiction now has a fully integrated book store as a tab on the main website. From it, you can order books from my personal stock, request a personalized signature, and wait for it to show up on your doorstep at the speed of media mail.

Essentially it’s like I have a virtual vending table  that you can browse any time you want. Even in your pajamas. Unlike the previous store, this upgrade is accessible directly by clicking a tab on my main homepage (the previous store forced you to leave my main site and shop in a separate area of the web, a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience).

Just like the previous version, you can securely pay with a variety of credit card options, send me your signature requests, and each order is sent directly to, and personally filled by, me.

At a time when the supply chain on many products is in serious question, this might be the year to consider an awesome, personalized gift that will go into the mail without having to get unloaded from a boat first. (And help a favorite indie author while you’re at it).

Prices include a +$1.51 Media Mail shipping and handling charge per title, and for the first time, sales tax will be automatically calculated at checkout. Fulfillment is currently confined to the continental United States

The new interface is a product of WooCommerce.

Give it a try. You can see it at the top of the page. . It’s labeled R.J. DarkWhimsy Homestore. Go ahead and give it a click, or click this link.


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