Beacon / Blue Christmas Holiday Stories

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NEW Paperback Now Available on Amazon in the DoubleFront Paperback Format
Kindle (The text of both stories, flip-book not replicated.)
Order Signed Copies Directly From Me at the R.J. HomeStore.

Two Short Christmas Tales, Two Covers, One Great Gift

Presenting the  first-ever DarkWhimsy DoubleFront Book, which pairs a lighthearted religious play with a paranormal adventure to offer a gift to every avid reader of Christmas stories.

The Beacon is an original SF comedy two-act Christmas play, presented as performed in 2017. The spaceship USG Starprobe and its three-person crew travel to Earth of 2000 years ago to investigate a star-like phenomenon shining over a little town. As they arrive, the ship is attacked by the space pirate Ted the Merciless. Can they call a truce long enough to solve the mystery of… The Beacon? (Spoiler: it’s baby Jesus.) The Beacon is presented in its play form.

Blue Christmas reunites the mysterious Rebecca Burton and Blue Shaefer from RJ’s ongoing paranormal series. Blue and Chip are enjoying a quiet Christmas Evening together when the mysterious Rebecca knocks on their door… with a peace offering. Blue and Rebecca had last parted ways furious with each other. Blue decides to hear her out–and hopes she won’t regret it. Blue Christmas is a reprint of a story originally published in the anthology Gifts of the Magi.

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A Note on Formats

Flipped double cover.jpgNEW FOR 2020 The Christmas paperback is available from Amazon for the first time in the author’s preferred presentation, a unique (yet throwback) reading experience. The two stories are presented offset to each other with two “front covers”, with the interior text offset 180 degrees. Put simply, Read the first story. Flip the book. Read the second story. (Still confused? Watch the video).

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