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102872499_2832108980244502_6678438684541769056_oI’m super-excited to announce the relaunch of the short-lived but popular Two Towers Talk Show, a YouTube program co-hosted by “Tower 1” colleague John F. Allen and me, Tower 2 R.J. Sullivan. In it, we talk about the array of geeky movies, TV, books, and more, with favorite nostalgia moments and interviews with creatives in the industry.

For those that don’t know, the original Two Towers started in 2016. John and I would meet up on an irregular schedule to review film, TV, and speak to local authors and even a couple titans of the creative industry of nerddom. The show in its original form proved to be a bit of a time sink for both of us, and in the midst of an unexpected personal upheaval, had to be shelved and put on indefinite hiatus.

Now with Zoom technology, the streamlining of production, a new partnership, and frankly lots of time to plan and record during the COVID lockdown, John and I are back with a leaner, meaner, more virtual, more responsive platform. Put simply, we can now do a lot more, much more easily, so the time has come to relaunch!

53226731_10218554971123484_27816682110058496_oThe Two Towers Talk Show is now partnered with the Nerdom United!(or NU!) Network, a Facebook group of content creators and fans with a growing array of shows aimed at all things nerdy. such as By the Gods and NU Culture.

New episodes premiere every Monday now on the Nerddom United! YouTube channel!

In our first new episode (which went live June 15) John and I discuss our long hiatus, the stranger things of 2020, and recap all three seasons of Netflix’ Stranger Things.

Since our shows are pre-recorded with several completed, we have great flexibility to get ahead on new releases and timely topics by recording them and putting them front and first. Then on the less hectic weeks, we can dip into our “evergreen” topics on standby. The result is an easy schedule for us, a steady stream of new content for you!

The first new YouTube episode of 2020, Stranger Things, dropped on the NU YouTube Channel Monday, June 15. View it here.

New episodes of Two Towers drop every Monday on the NU Channel! To make sure you don’t miss an episode, click here and click the Subscribe button to the NU YouTube Channel. And don’t forget to Like and Comment!

If you can’t stop talking nerd topics, click to join the NU Facebook Group where the conversation never stops!

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This space at RJSullivanFiction will be used to announce favorite topics and special episodes of the Two Towers.

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