Red Lotus to Relaunch at Hydra

I’m excited to announce that my Red Lotus series will officially relaunch at Hydra Publications, a publisher that specializes in science fiction and space opera titles and owned by long-time associate Tony Acree. The original ebooks and Commanding the Red Lotus paperback will be re-loaded onto the usual online retail outlets, with new novellas and collections to follow that continue the saga. Watch this space for announcements of dates and links as they become finalized.

Cover Commanding Red LotusThe Red Lotus series tells the story of Sayuri Arai, daughter of the wealthy CEO of a space mining corporation. Sayuri uses her resources to purchase the asteroid mining ship Red Lotus, previously scheduled for demolition, along with the contracts of her tired crew. Soon after she places herself in the commander’s chair, Sayuri quickly learns that money can’t buy either experience or respect.

Commanding the Red Lotus returns to print later this year.

DWB meteor onlyAlong with this move, the rest of my back titles will be re-released under my imprint DarkWhimsy Books. While my ebooks are temporarily unavailable, those who want to purchase copies of my out-of-print softcover editions can buy directly from me by clicking this link. I will fulfill each order while supplies last. You can even request personalized signatures at checkout at no extra charge–and worth every penny you pay.

Very Soon Now my entire catalog will be available again through the normal retail outlets, and both series will resume with new titles on a new, improved platform. And yes, audio book production with Danielle Muething will continue with Virtual Blue due out in September. Thank you for your patience during the transition. I’m excited about the future of the RJ-Verse.

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