Revised Edition Short Story Collection Now Live

The 2020 Revised Edition of Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy by…well…DarkWhimsy Books…is now available in all formats and from all outlets. All ten stories are re-published here, with a slight copy edit revision to fix little goofs. The content, for the most part, is the same as the previous edition; the paperback comes in at the same price point of $11.99.

There is a slight difference in the front cover, and I’m not referring to the foggy REVISED EDITION in the tagline (though that is a part of all the 2020 revised books to make them easier to distinguish).

No, I’m talking about the little added celebrity cover blurb… here, let me just zoom in on that…


Yes, it’s used with permission. Yes, I’m pretty proud, and pleased to be able to include it on the cover from this point forward. (If you don’t know my Cyndi Lauper story and are curious, you can click here to read all about it).

Content-wise, expect for that one little thing (which makes MY inner fanboy squeal and lose his mind), the Revised Edition is essentially the same as the original.

The same ten tales of SF, fantasy, strange encounters, and wild adventures. An eclectic hodgepodge of short stories, eight previously published, and two fun bonus stories. So if you’ve heard enough from me and want to get your copy now, click here to go to the dedicated Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy page and select the online outlet of your choice.

R.J’s back titles will continue to roll out in new DarkWhimsy Books Revised Editions, with all titles returning Very Soon Now, plus a couple cool surprises. Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Section 28 Publishing for their invaluable help in navigating this confusing process.

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