DarkWhimsy Books 2020 Revised Editions Overview

The work is done! With the release of Virtual Blue, the entirety of my paranormal thriller back titles are again available for purchase from all web-stores, ending a six-month project that was difficult but should be oh-so-worth it. Give me another month and I’ll have my stock replenished with my updated titles, and I will re-open my “order signed books from me” store.  (I ALSO wish my store could have been open in time for Christmas, but the timing did not cooperate).

In the meantime, if you want to grab up any of my back titles for gift-giving, you might just have time. So what’s the breakdown of the titles, what’s different from the previous editions, and what’s coming next? Great questions.

Four of my back titles, primarily those related to my ghost story/paranormal series, were, by mutual agreement, returned to me by my former publisher, allowing me to re-release them on my indie Publishing label, DarkWhimsy Books. In this agreement, I also obtained the original edition cover art.

I took advantage of this process to revisit the original manuscripts, submit them to new copy editors for fresh edits, and correct errors that had slipped past me the first time. I was also able to implement some minor format changes, and in two cases, insert previously commissioned but unused artwork into the new editions.

The DarkWhimsy Books 2020 Revised Editions are quite simply the best presentations of the stories. Let’s break it down further by title, and for the benefit of my long-time readers who already own my books, I’ll offer my honest evaluation of the relative merits of each revision.

Haunting Blue: Book One in the Adventures of Blue Shaefer (original edition 2010, Second Edition 2014). My first  published novel was already revised in 2014, so this edition offers only superficial changes to the manuscript. Also worth noting: the incredible audiobook by Danielle Muething came out earlier this year and is well worth checking out! Click here to read the blurb and access all order links.

Haunting Obsession (Original edition 2012) The 2020 paperback makeover of my popular sexy ghost story novella is slimmer, cheaper, sexier, and moves fast! Now $7.99 with a tighter interior layout, and includes a third illustration previously only available in the limited edition hardback, offering more bang for your buck! If you prefer audiobooks, you will LOVE what Danielle Muething brings to this story! Click here to read the blurb and access all order links.

Virtual Blue: Book Two in the Adventures of Blue Shaefer (Original edition 2013) The 2020 manuscript makeover corrects several typos from the original edition, and includes a third interior illustration commissioned by Bonnie Wasson but previously unused. A brand-new dramatized audiobook, read by Danielle Muething, has been uploaded and should go live Very Soon Now. Click here to read the blurb and access all order links.

The Beacon/Blue Christmas DarkWhimsy Books DoubleFront Holiday Reader is available at web-stores in its preferred format for the first time in 2020. Blue Christmas concludes the Blue Shaefer story arc. Click here to read the blurb and access all order links.

Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy: Ten Years. Ten Stories (original edition 2015) is a collection that includes two short stories featuring Rebecca Burton from my paranormal thriller series, and has a new cover blurb that makes me unreasonably happy. Otherwise, the Revised Edition is essentially the same content with superficial manuscript edits to correct minor errors. Click here to read the blurb and access all order links.

Special thanks to Section 28 Publishing for their invaluable help in navigating this confusing process.

So what’s next?

I’ll cap off this re-publishing project with The Complete Adventures of Blue Shaefer, a new omnibus volume collecting Haunting Blue, Virtual Blue, and Blue Christmas. I’m collaborating on a cool new cover specially for the collection. My final back title, Commanding the Red Lotus, will also be re-released in early 2021 by Hydra Publications.

Audiobook Narrator and one of R.J.’s Favorite People Danielle Muething

Once this re-release project is done, I can get back to continuing the adventures of Rebecca Burton and Blue Shaefer, and documenting the travels of the crew of the Red Lotus! I intend to release a brand-new title in each series before the end of the 2021!

And…should the universe cooperate… I hope to see you all live and in person at a future con or book signing sooner rather than later!

Finally…will there be more audiobook collaborations with Danielle Muething? Why yes, yes there will be! Watch this space for more details!

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  1. Ooh! I am so thankful I made sure I’m on your author’s newsletter — I realise now I need to pick up copies of Blue Spirit & Darkness with a Chance of Whimsy when I have the chance to get your new editions – I’m especially intrigued by the NEW interior artwork! I LOVE interior artwork in novels – it is a particular favourite surprise of mine and you’re one of the authors I have truly loved experiencing Speculative artwork for their stories (alongside E. Chris Garrison). Can’t wait to hear more of your pub news and stay attuned to what is coming out this year! PS: If any of your releases are end of the year (or even Autumn/Winter!) DM/PM me – I’d love to feature you during #SciFiMonth in November!!

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