Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy Audiobook Now Live

I’m not gonna lie, Amazon put this up and out faster than anticipated, based on past experience. Nevertheless, it’s true that your greedy ears can hear Danielle Muething read the ten short stories from my collection now.

This includes Able Bodied, Starter Kit, and Backstage Pass. and of course, Robot Vampire. It’s great stuff, if I do say so myself.

Here are the direct links to get you there:

My Web Page

If you want a free preview of what to expect, the first story, The Assurance Salesman, has been uploaded to YouTube for a few weeks now. Simply click this link to hear the first short story in full.

USA Today Bestselling Author Dr. Debra Holland

Along with all ten stories read with incredible dramatic flair by Danielle, the audio book will include the collection introduction by USA Today Bestselling Author (and one-time mentor) Debra Hollandread by Debra Holland herself. AND… each story introduction by me will be read by me. I feel like maybe I should apologize for that last one, but hopefully you enjoy the stories anyway.

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