Commanding the Red Lotus Relaunched

After being out of print for almost a year, I’m super-excited to announce that Hydra Publications has just “relaunched” Commanding the Red Lotus. The new edition is essentially the same as the previous edition, including the awesome original cover by Enggar. Click here to see the order links go live on my website.

Sayuri Arai, privileged daughter of a corporate mogul, abandons a promising career to find her own path. She invests in a broken-down asteroid mining ship and steps in as the commander of its crew. Every day presents a new challenge just to keep her ship from falling apart and the bitter crew from killing each other. Can Sayuri unite the feuding factions, or will her rivals turn the entire complement against her? Commanding the Red Lotus offers a classic sense of wonder for today’s science fiction readers.

Commanding the Red lotus includes the previously released ebook novelettes:
Fate of the Red Lotus
Red Lotus: Innocence Lost
Plus the novella Mutiny on the Red Lotus

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  1. Ooh! Congratulations, Mr Sullivan!!

    I’ve had so much going on personally the past few years, I’ve lost track of where your stories are in publication. I’m starting to make amends for those gaps though – I saw my lovely interview with you featuring this lovely anthology trending on my blog and I was wicked delighted seeing new interest as I LOVED our conversation and of course, I loved reading it!! I read this before my father’s stroke that year and I am so thankful I had. Most of the end of 2016 and almost all of 2017 is a bit blurry for me due to what we were going through as a family. 2018/19 were the years my health took some nose dives and blessedly, I feel like 2021 is a year I can start diving back into stories and start reading authors I miss having in my life. Off to start tweeting some lovely shout-outs about the new release & re-share my interview!! Eek. What a happy day for you!!

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