The Cyndi Lauper Story, as told on Cabin Goddess

Cyndi and RJ 1997.Along with other random behavior, I am known for my on and off Cyndi Lauper comments, FB memes, and “Cyndi Tracker(R)” updates popping up on my author page from time to time (Or should I say Time After…, too easy).

Yes, I am a huge, huge fan, and there is a story there, and I told (some of) it a couple of years ago on the Cabin Goddess blog that, I am told, left blog master Kriss Morton in tears. Since I am introducing myself to several new people, I figured it was time to quit having to look that link up every couple of months and share it from my own blog.

So, for the Insecurious (see what I did there? Well, some of you do), here is the story behind RJ’s real obsession.

After that, check out my FB Photo Album dedicated to the subject.

Hope you are all still around afterwards.

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