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I’m New Here. Who is R.J. Sullivan? (the 101 in about 1,000 words)

R.J. Sullivan is a hybrid author of urban fantasy and science fiction, perhaps best known for his paranormal thriller series: Haunting Blue (2010), Haunting Obsession (2012), and Virtual Blue (2013). These, plus his eclectic short story collection Darkness with a Chance of Whimsy (2015), were re-published in 2020 Revised Editions under his indie label DarkWhimsy Books. He also writes spaceship SF novellas about the misadventures of the crew of an antiquated asteroid mining ship. The first three are collected in Commanding the Red Lotus, juat republished by Hydra Publications.

Here is an incredibly useful page of  R.J.’s book catalog with clickable covers sorted by category.

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Paranormal Thrillers Overview

The first novel, Haunting Blue, introduces readers to Fiona “Blue” Shaefer, a high school-age punk girl with wild spiked hair, and her computer nerd boyfriend “Chip” Farren. In their efforts to solve the great mystery of fictional town Perionne, Indiana, they unleash a vengeful ghost with potentially disastrous consequences.

Haunting Obsession, R.J.’s popular sexy ghost story novella, tells the story of couple Daryl and Loretta, and the ghost of Maxine Marie, an iconic Hollywood sex symbol of the 50s, who comes between them. This quick read also introduces readers to Rebecca Burton, R.J.s mysterious, magical occult detective who answers Loretta’s call for help. Haunting Obsession can be read independently of Haunting Blue (and frequently is).

Haunting Obsession Paper Dolls are sold exclusively through R.J.’s Home Store.

Blue and Chip return and encounter Rebecca Burton in Virtual Blue, closing out the original trilogy. Now college students, Chip and Blue must go full Jumanji (or full Tron, pick your preferred generational reference) and merge their spirits with video game avatars to thwart the plans of an imprisoned demon and her cult of worshipers.

Beyond the Trilogy

Blue Christmas, part of a Holiday-themed DarkWhimsy Books DoubleFront book (paired with The Beacon), is a short-story that concludes the first character arcs of Blue, Chip and Rebecca, and sets up the next phase of the paranormal series.

The Complete Adventures of Blue Shaefer (coming in 2021) is an omnibus that will collect Haunting Blue, Virtual Blue and Blue Christmas between two covers.

R.J. is hard at work on the next phase of his protagonist’s adventures. His current project is an untitled novella in which Blue and Rebecca battle a vampire.

Here’s a page on R.J.’s website devoted to the paranormal thriller series.

The Shared Skye-Blue-niverse

Blue, Rebecca and supporting characters interact in the Tipsy Fairy Tales trilogy by R.J’s friend and awesome author E. Chris Garrison, so explore her titles here and click here to view the Skye-Blue-niverse timeline in the form of a book ad.

 Short Stories

R.J.’s collection Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy brings together the best ten stories of his first ten years doing this. Highlights include two Rebecca Burton tales, a Twilight Zone-esque story from his college days, two stories inspired by his singing idol Cyndi Lauper, and a popular little story called Robot Vampire about… well… a Robot Vampire.

R.J. continues to sell stories to anthologies and magazines at a slow but steady pace. Order links to all anthologies with details of each story can be found at this book catalog page here.

The Red Lotus Science Fiction Spaceship Series

Sayuri Arai abandons her father’s family business to find her own path. She invests in a broken-down asteroid mining ship and steps in as the commander of its crew. Every day presents a new challenge just to keep her ship from falling apart and the crew from killing each other.

Commanding the Red Lotus collects the first three novelettes of the Red Lotus series: “Fate of the Red Lotus,” “Innocence Lost,” and “Mutiny on the Red Lotus.” The collection was republished in 2021, and the series will continue with new titles published through Hydra Publications.

Audio Books

Adaptations of R.J. Sullivan’s paranormal series in audio form launched in 2019 when then-newcomer narrator Danielle Muething auditioned for Haunting Obsession, nailing the read when she channeled R.J.’s sexy ghost Maxine Marie using her spot-on Marilyn voice. It was the start of a beautiful partnership. So far, Danielle has adapted the paranormal thriller trilogy, with plans for the short story collection and the Red Lotus tales in the works.

Audio Book Titles with Links

Haunting Obsession, Haunting Blue, Virtual Blue ,
Darkness With a Chance of Whimsy

FREE Audio on YouTube

Click to hear Danielle Muethiing read The Assurance Salesman, a complete audio story recording that runs nearly an hour and opens the Darkness with a Chance ofWhimsy collection.

The Two Towers Talk Show

R.J. and his friend, fellow nerd, and awesome author John F. Allen co-host The Two Towers Talk Show, a small but growing YouTube and Podcast program. 2TTS features movie and TV reviews, interviews, and nerdy nostalgia discussion. New episodes Mon, Wed, and sometimes Fri. Check out the website here.   2TTS YouTube Channel.    Our Facebook page. 

R.J. has a store where you can buy R.J. Rebecca Mermaid Mugs here.

R.J. is a big fan…

…of many eclectic interests. He loves to rave and he loves to rant. You will learn this as you follow him, and he is not shy about his fandom. Speaking of eclectic, Cyndi Lauper gets special mention here. You’ll see him post about her often. Newcomers may wonder at this, and if there is a story there. And there is. A neat one. It’s been told at this link. If you’re curious, It’s worth a read. If you’re not, that’s fine, just know that #CyndiTracker is a hashtag you’re going to see a lot.

A personal closure from R.J. (AKA whoops, I changed to first person)

Thank you for your time and interest. I love getting to know all my readers and followers, new and old, and I hope you enjoy learning more about me at least as much as you enjoy my books. If you have any specific comments, you can email me directly at rj@rjsullivanfiction.com

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