Novelette 1: Fate of the Red Lotus

Temporarily Out of Print.

From the moment Sayuri Arai leaves Earth in her father’s private shuttle to dock with Pandora Orbital Space Station, she can’t shake a feeling of dread. Her father is the CEO of one of the most successful space mining corporations in the solar system and she’s an honors graduate of Harvard Earth Campus. Within days, Sayuri transitions from diligent student to corporate vice president.

As she faces a future that most people can only dream of, Sayuri knows the path handed to her is not the one she’s destined to travel. She then learns of a run-down mining spaceship in her father’s fleet scheduled for demolition. Sympathetic to the displaced crew, Sayuri sets out to change the fate of the Red Lotus, and perhaps discover her destiny in the process.

In the tradition of Andre Norton and Gene Roddenberry, Fate of the Red Lotus is the first of a series of all-ages science fiction novelettes–re-igniting a classic sense of wonder for today’s readers.

Cover Commanding Red Lotus
“Fate of the Red Lotus” is the first entire novelette of the novel-length collection featuring Commander Sayuri Arai as presented in Commanding the Red Lotus.

14 thoughts on “Novelette 1: Fate of the Red Lotus”

    1. Thank you, William! I’m finishing it up. Best guess is look for it in February. Part of the delay is the length–readers will definitely get their money’s worth on the next part. 🙂

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